Anonymous said: That's awesome, I'm happy for you! You'll do well, you just needed your time to decide, but now that you've made your choices, your determination will definitely help you. I'm happy they're all doing well, I miss them. I mean, its best if you not know Johnny.

Gotcha gotcha, hope you’re doing well too 😃

Anonymous said: How are you and your family doing? I hope everything is going well xx

Great! Thanks for asking, all is well we’re just here. Pushing myself a lot these last couple of months discipling myself as much as I can before I leave to the AirForce next year, who is this by the way? 😃.

Goodnight everyone (:





Shitty morning

Um baby you killing em

Thanks bb ❤️

Would you like to take a seat?

I’m weak^ what

If a guy cheated on you once, he’ll cheat on you again & again. This is facts. Whatever tendencies he had before he got with you are the same tendancies he’ll have while he’s with you. Ya’ll gotta keep it a hunnit with these females I’m a guy i’d know. Aii i’m signing off


These last four months have been the best months I think i’ve ever had. No one feels the aura i feel, except for the few people i’ve met that are really cool. I’m happy with life.

My babyyyyy.
It’s amazing here…. I swear.
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